Unveiling the Design and Aesthetics of the OPPO Find X7 Series

The OPPO Find X7 and X7 Ultra: Real-Life Visuals

The OPPO Find X7 Series, emerging as a beacon of technological advancement, brings forth an array of colors. The X7 Ultra is presented in Orange, Blue, and Black, each featuring a distinctive glass and leather body. The standard Find X7 is available in Orange, Blue, Black, and Purple, with some models sporting an all-glass finish.

An Array of Colors and Textures

The Orange and Blue models echo a luxurious blend of glass and leather, while the Black and Purple variants captivate with their glossy all-glass aesthetic. Each color option is a testament to OPPO’s commitment to elegance and innovation.

Anticipating the Global Launch: A Closer Look at Features

Design and Features Overview

The Find X7 series sports a circular camera housing and a two-toned rear cover, combining glass and vegan leather. The series includes an alert slider, a feature previously admired in OnePlus devices.

Camera Capabilities: A New Benchmark

The Pro or Ultra model boasts a Hasselblad-branded camera system with two periscope cameras, offering a 135mm and 70mm focal length for the Ultra and standard models, respectively. This feature promises exceptional photography capabilities.

OPPO’s Tidal Wave Architecture: A Game Changer in Smartphone Performance

Addressing System-on-Chip (SoC) Efficiency Bottlenecks

OPPO’s Tidal Wave Architecture, a fusion of software and hardware chip technology, targets critical challenges in smartphone performance. It innovatively tackles the separation of storage and computing in traditional architectures and improves scenario-level cognition in chip scheduling.

Dynamic Resource Allocation: CPU and GPU Efficiency

Tidal Architecture discerns the dominant tasks in applications, allocating resources to the CPU or GPU accordingly. This results in an 8% average energy efficiency saving, enhancing the performance of various applications.

Surpassing Industry Standards

In tests, the Find X7 showcased remarkable startup performance consistency, surpassing even the iPhone in stability and smoothness. This achievement positions the Find X7 Series as a formidable contender in the Android flagship market.


The OPPO Find X7 Series, with its innovative design, advanced camera system, and groundbreaking Tidal Wave Architecture, marks a significant leap in the smartphone industry. As the world eagerly awaits its global launch, OPPO continues to redefine the boundaries of technology and design, promising an unparalleled user experience.