Introduction to OnePlus’ Latest Endeavors

OnePlus, a renowned player in the smartphone and audio gear market, has recently captivated the tech world with its latest launches: the OnePlus Buds Pro 3 and the anticipated OnePlus 12 series. As a technology-news columnist, I will provide an exhaustive analysis of these innovations, particularly focusing on the OnePlus Buds Pro 3’s active noise control feature. This article aims to dissect various aspects of OnePlus’ newest offerings, delivering an informative and engaging read for American tech enthusiasts.

OnePlus Buds Pro 3: A Leap in Active Noise Control

Unveiling the Pro 3: Specifications and Pricing

OnePlus is set to release the Buds Pro 3, marking a significant advancement in their audio technology. According to leaks by Max Jambor, these earbuds are priced at approximately 99 Euros, translating to around Rs 9,037. The Pro 3 boasts a unique audio output system, with a 10.4mm woofer and 6mm tweeter. Most notably, it offers an impressive 48 dB of active noise cancellation (ANC), a feature that sets it apart in the crowded market of true wireless earbuds.

Delving into Active Noise Control

ANC technology is pivotal in modern earbuds, particularly for users in bustling environments. OnePlus Buds Pro 3 utilizes this technology to create an immersive audio experience by actively countering external noise. This is achieved through sophisticated algorithms that analyze external sounds and produce inverse waves to cancel them out.

Battery Life and Connectivity

Another remarkable feature of the Buds Pro 3 is its battery longevity. Offering up to 44 hours of backup, these earbuds also come equipped with Google Fast Pair functionality, enhancing user convenience.

OnePlus 12 Series: Redefining Smartphone Excellence

Launch and Design Philosophy

OnePlus has announced the launch of the OnePlus 12 and 12R in India, emphasizing their commitment to delivering top-tier hardware and software experiences. These models, devoid of additional monikers like “Plus” or “Pro,” each bring unique attributes to the table, catering to diverse consumer preferences.

OnePlus Buds 3: A Companion Release

In tandem with the OnePlus Ace 3, OnePlus also introduced the Buds 3 in China. These earbuds feature a 10.4mm driver, LHDC 5.0 audio support, and touch controls. They offer three levels of ANC and a transparency mode for a versatile auditory experience. Priced at approximately CNY 499, they present a more budget-friendly option in the OnePlus audio lineup.

The Evolution of Active Noise Control in OnePlus Earbuds

OnePlus Buds 3: A Technological Marvel

OnePlus Buds 3 represent a significant step forward in ANC technology. They offer three levels of noise cancellation and an IP55 rating for durability. The buds, with a 58mAh battery each, and the case, with a 520mAh battery, ensure long-lasting performance.

The Ultra-Clear Coaxial Dual Unit

A standout feature of the OnePlus Buds 3 is the “Ultra-Clear Coaxial Dual Unit.” This technology enhances sound quality with clear highs and deep bass, extending down to 15Hz. The high-frequency extension over 40kHz ensures crisp and airy highs.

OnePlus Buds Pro 3 and Buds 3: A Comparative Analysis

Sound Quality and ANC Capabilities

While both models excel in sound quality, the Pro 3’s ANC at 48 dB is more advanced than the three levels offered in the Buds 3. This makes the Pro 3 more suited for environments with higher noise levels.

Battery Life and Charging

The Pro 3’s 44-hour battery life with ANC off surpasses the Buds 3’s 28-hour maximum. Fast charging capabilities in both models add to their appeal for users on the go.

Conclusion: OnePlus’ Innovations in Audio and Smartphone Technology

OnePlus continues to push the boundaries in both smartphone and audio technology. The Buds Pro 3 and the OnePlus 12 series exemplify their commitment to innovation and consumer needs. These products not only enhance the overall user experience but also cement OnePlus’ position as a key player in the tech industry.


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