Overview of Vivo’s Next Big Leap in Foldable Phones

Vivo, a prominent name in the smartphone industry, is set to make waves with its upcoming Vivo X Fold 3 series, tailored for the Chinese market. This lineup, expected to include the Vivo X Fold 3 and X Fold 3 Pro, is grabbing attention with its state-of-the-art features and design. In this article, we delve into the specifics of these eagerly anticipated devices, highlighting their innovative characteristics and what sets them apart in the competitive foldable phone segment.

Unveiling the Vivo X Fold 3 Pro: A Peek into the Future

A Glimpse into Cutting-Edge Design and Display

According to reliable sources, the Vivo X Fold 3 Pro, bearing the model number V2337A, is poised to redefine expectations in the foldable phone category. Notably, the device’s LTPO internal screen is rumored to support a stunning 2K resolution complemented by a fluid 120Hz refresh rate. In a significant advancement over its predecessor, the X Fold 2, the X Fold 3 Pro has reportedly slimmed down in thickness and weight, aiming to tip the scales at well under 250 grams.

Advanced Security Features: A Step Ahead

Vivo’s dedication to security and convenience shines through with the inclusion of ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint scanners in both the outer and inner displays. This feature, unique to Vivo’s foldable phones, reinforces the company’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design.

Power and Performance: Setting New Standards

In terms of power, the X Fold 3 Pro is expected to make no compromises. The leak suggests 100W wired charging capabilities paired with a 50W wireless charging option, ensuring that users stay connected and powered throughout the day.

Camera Excellence: Capturing Moments with Clarity

The camera setup of the X Fold 3 Pro is another area where Vivo seeks to excel. It is rumored to house a trio of cameras, including a 50-megapixel main camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), a periscope telephoto camera, and an ultra-wide snapper. Speculations are rife about the incorporation of a Sony LYT-900 camera sensor as the primary lens, which could significantly enhance photo quality.

The Heart of the Device: Processor and Associated Technology

Under the hood, the Vivo X Fold 3 Pro is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, promising top-tier performance and efficiency. The device is also rumored to launch alongside the Dimensity 9300-powered Vivo Pad 3, hinting at a synergistic approach to new product releases.

The Vivo X Fold 3: Distinct Yet Shrouded in Mystery

While details about the standard Vivo X Fold 3 (model number V2303A) remain scarce, it is anticipated that this variant will also boast impressive features, albeit with some distinctions from the Pro model. As the market eagerly awaits further information, the differentiation between the two models remains a topic of intrigue.


The Vivo X Fold 3 series, particularly the Pro variant, is shaping up to be a groundbreaking addition to the foldable phone market. With its combination of sleek design, advanced technology, and powerful performance, Vivo is poised to set a new benchmark in smartphone innovation. As we anticipate the official release, expected in the first quarter of 2024, these devices promise to not only captivate the Chinese market but also set a precedent for global smartphone trends.