In a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, host Drew Barrymore and guest Gabrielle Union tackled a subject often shrouded in mystery and discomfort: menopause. The episode, which aired on November 14, 2023, provided a mix of humor, education, and candid discussion, making menopause a topic accessible to everyone.

Menopause 101: A Classroom Experience

Barrymore transformed her set into a classroom for the segment “Take Care Everywhere,” creating an educational atmosphere. Joined by OB/GYN Dr. Kameelah Phillips, they delved into Menopause 101, offering insights into this natural phase of life. This approach not only educated the audience but also demystified many aspects of menopause.

Engaging the Audience: Questions and Real-Life Scenarios

A unique aspect of the show was the active participation of the audience. Ross Matthews facilitated a Q&A session, highlighting real-life challenges faced by families. For instance, John, Dianne, and their son Luke shared their experiences, bringing to light the emotional and practical impacts of menopause on family dynamics.

Dr. Phillips’ Practical Advice

Dr. Phillips offered tangible solutions, emphasizing the importance of understanding and supporting women going through menopause. Her advice ranged from creating a “code word” like “Swordfish” for when a woman needs space, to suggesting that family members share household responsibilities to alleviate stress.

The Role of Humor and Sensitivity

Humor played a significant role in the episode, with Barrymore and Union reacting with laughter and surprise to some of the audience’s questions and comments. This approach made the topic more approachable and relatable, breaking down barriers often associated with discussions about menopause.


The episode of The Drew Barrymore Show dedicated to menopause was not just another talk show segment; it was a groundbreaking approach to discussing a topic that affects half the population. By combining education, humor, and real-life stories, Barrymore and her team provided a template for how to talk about menopause in a way that is both informative and engaging.

The show airs on weekdays on CBS, with the website offering local airtimes. Barrymore’s approach to menopause is a refreshing take in daytime television, promising to continue breaking barriers and starting important conversations.